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Sunday, November 16th 2008

5:23 PM

fun weekend

The party that I attended last night was indeed very nice and elegant. I did not know that it was a formal party because it was not written on the invitation.Im glad I dressed up a little bit rather than my usual jeans and shirts favorite.Jane and I left kaye and Dong at 9:20 and got home around 10 something because we got a little bit lost.And then when I got home we watch a long movie so I must have gone to bed at 1am.And then vaness woke up at 6:30.I need more sleep.I'm glad I was able to grab a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.So considerate of hubby.He is recuperating from a  surgery and he let me rest and even went to the market to buy grocery.What a man!

Today I talked with Jenny about the party on Tuesday.I hope I pull off driving to Altadena.My first long distance freeway driving..Wish me luck..!

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Saturday, November 15th 2008

3:34 PM

come and go

That describes my mood when it comes to blog writing..But today Vaness is napping and I already cooked,I thought maybe I'll check on my blog.Some of my blogging friends came by and I felt bad not being able to reciprocate.I need a little bit of pushing to write something here.In an hour I need to get ready to go to Jane's house to go to a party.I'm not quite sure how we are gonna get there although Jane might drive because I have no idea wheres La Mirada.yesterday we went to the mall to grab some dress to wear for today and a gift for the birthday girl. Kaye and her hubby are also gonna be there so I hope we will have fun!
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Monday, October 6th 2008

1:57 PM

sleepy head

I'm glad my little one has been sleeping for a while now.she must have been tired from all the errands we both did today.opps.. She has been quite maintaining her routine for a few months now..sleep for 2 hours which gives me chance to clean up or fold some laundry without disturbance.She is 20 months now and she wants to help in anything that I do. Put clothes in the dryer, cook, put things away and most specially close and open doors. Time sure flies very fast.
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Tuesday, September 30th 2008

8:27 PM


Sounds like a burger in the fastfood huh? actually it's a class  I'm taking at the Belmont Athletic Club . I finally gather enough strength and motivation to finally loss the post pregnancy tummy. Been carrying it for the past 19 months. I am more conscious of the food I eat.  I never deprive myself with food because I am at the right weight that I would love myself to be. I just need to eat healthier and food rich in protein. As of now I go to the gym 5 days a week on weekdays and I take the weekends off. I take 4 Abs, buns and thighs and 1 relax and stretch class.I feel good, I sleep well and I'm losing belly fat! Thats what I'm talking about!
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Monday, September 29th 2008

9:06 PM

busy start

My week sure started very busy. I have to make appointments for Joel with his Cardiologist, call the termite guy and get our Noah's ark ticket online. After all the phone calls I cleaned the house a little bit and left to the filipino market. Christine and Angel are gonna drop by at the house in the afternoon so I decided to get some food from Goldilocks. We had a great lunch. I asked Christine to stay because Shiela ( a new friend I met through friendster) is dropping by with her 2 kids. They are on their way to the Belmont pool which few blocks from my house. I thought she is very nice and thoughtful. She also has very good looking boys. I then went to the gym for my A. B. T. ( abs, buns and thighs) class which took 45 minutes. Oh boy I just took a shower and I'm ready to sleep. been a long day. 
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Sunday, September 28th 2008

9:08 PM

fun weekend

Thought it was so thoughtful of hubby to not wake me up until 10:30 and took care of Vaness the whole morning. He also went to the market and got me some crab which I ate for dinner. That was terrific!

 We planned to go to downtown Long beach to attend the Brazilian Carnaval.  But we went to skechers first to grab vaness a new shoes which has a shoe lace.Most of her shoes has velcro and she always manage to take it off.

Off we went to downtown after that.They had a big parade of women wearing really cute attire. It was a little bit of waiting but worth it. It was my first time to witness a Brazilian parade and it made me realize why there is such a thing as " Brazilian wax"..oh boy they really wear their costume with almost so little left for your imagination. The men were excited to see such view.

Would have wanted to show some pictures but something is wrong with my bravenet page..

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Saturday, September 27th 2008

7:43 PM

thinking about Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and I thought maybe I should start buying gift for my sibling so that it wont be much of a burden come December. I got my brother a 511 Tactical haste patrol boot from 511 tactical outdoors because they have such a good deal.I got free socks and free shipping on top of what I got. I guess I have to look some more for my sister.
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Wednesday, September 24th 2008

7:38 PM

lunch date

Joel used to tell me that..."girls go out for lunch". So i guess it is his way of saying Vaness and I should go out and have fun.Today we went out to pick Lenden up at her house because we planned to go to TJmaxx.She wanted to get a new purse. I'm glad Vaness likes her and does not fuss like when she's around people.We told her Ate Lenden has a baby in the tummy. First we went to Sushi of Naples to grab a big lunch. It was a good lunch with salad, 8 sushi, rice, chicken teriyaki and miso soup.I think I ate too much.

 We must have spent 2 hours at Tjmaxx looking for a nice purse for Lenden but was not able to buy because the style that she liked does not have any other color option. I felt bad for her..she really liked it.Oh well maybe next week we'll check out their store at south street.

By the way something funny happened tonight..My little americana ate plenty of squid and rice.her face was so dirty from the squid ink..I forgot to take a picture.
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Sunday, September 21st 2008

7:52 PM

afternoon barbecue

I was glad that Cherry and Lenden came by because Vaness got to enjoy Andrew and Alicia. They played in her bedroom. Funny because our house is so near they just walked to our house.It's like being in pinas where you go " panumbalay".  It was indeed a fun weekend!
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Saturday, September 20th 2008

6:44 PM

LA's lobster festival

After taking care of my citizenship application, the week seems to have passed me by like a blur.Today I was excited because we went to the LA lobster festival.It was fun eating and listening to the band's music.The only thing that I did not enjoy was that we were sitting under the sun and suddenly I had a horrible headache.I would have wanted to go with Maricar to the disco t 8:30 but I decided to go to the gym instead hoping my headache will go away. I felt like my head was breaking.But after a 30 minute work out I felt so much better, I decided to start working in the kitchen to prepare the barbecue for tomorrow afternoon. Lenden and Cherry and their husbands are coming over for an afternoon barbecue.
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